GlenDronach 1972 cask # 702 , 41 years old

Back to the GlenDronach single cask release #9 with the oldest cask released in this batch, a 41 years old (older than myself) Oloroso Butt, distilled in 1972. That’s surely an interesting one (and quite expensive, as you might expect – so it’s for those of you with deep pockets, or willing to share with a few mates). After the superb 1985 and a bit disappointing 1991 I sure hope this one delivers.

GlenDronach 41 Year Old 1972 (cask 702) – Batch 9 , 51.70%, £570GD_1972

Nose: Aye. This is more like it. What a brilliant nose on this one: old wood benches, varnish, cinnamon , clove, cardamom, with the right balance of dried fruit : dates, figs and a hint of mint and pine needles and licorice. It’s got that old touch, and a sherry touch too, but not too much of both which is lovely.

Palate : Elegant and quite balanced. Dried fruit and old oak. Pepper and sweet plum jam. Cinnamon and zest. Chocolate and chilly. Love that profile and balance. Complex. I’d love more old wood which plays 2nd violin here while more noticeable on the nose,but I guess more wood will make It a bit less fresh and balanced, so I’m happy with that. Good stuff.

Finish: Dark chocolate sprinkled with pepper and  cinnamon. Old wood varnish with date and plum paste.

Not much to say here, this is the good good stuff, and exactly what I would expect from an old GD Oloroso cask. I guess they are all sold out, and even as they are very expensive, this is definitely a dram to be enjoyed and not just “collected”. Given the choice between this cracker and the 1985, I’d stick to the 1985 (slightly better IMHO), and much more affordable, but this is super stuff too.

Score: 91/100

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