Glendronach single cask 1993 Cask #5 [batch 9]

Time for our last tasting notes for the week, with another GD single cask from the latest batch (9). 1993. Let’s see what happened in 1993, I think that was my senior year at high school, and quite a nice year all in all. What i find odd is the cask number (5!?) not really sure how they got to number it that way, If anyone knows how come this is the number, let me know.

GlenDronach 20 Year Old 1993 (cask 5) – Batch 9 , 53.0% , £98glendronach-20-year-old-1993-cask-5-single-9-cask-whisky

Nose: A mélange of thick dried fruit compote with a fresh edge. Sultana. Fig. Cinnamon and cardamom with some butterscotch.  rather perfumed with a dash of vanilla0-  very balanced.

Palate: Sultana fig and plum with spiced wine. Cinnamon. Cardamom and butterscotch. Sweeter than the nose with a peppery tang and a bit of chocolate.

Finish : Dried fruit compote, pepper ,wood and chocolate.

A very good cask indeed.Sadly sold out on most sites i could locate. But, you never know. Classic stuff for sherry lovers, thick and juicy without being too much so.

Score: 89/100

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  1. 1993 is the new highlight vintage for GlenDronach imho. I’ve tried a lot of them, and they were all good or excellent.

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