Kavalan Solist Fino Cask

Last week was a good whisky week. David from Australia came over for whisky talk and a few drams, and brought this sample for me to try. I’ve been a long time fan of Kavalan, and was excited to try this one, I’ve never really gotten to try for some reason.

Kavalan Fino Sherry Cask Matured Taiwanese, 58.6% , £220Fino_KAV

Nose: very thick and intense. Surprising for a Fino cask. And the color. It’s dark. I’d guess it’s an Oloroso or PX by color only. Starting on sweet notes: lots of Demerara sugar, dried fruit especially fig. Cinnamon and thick caramel candy. Pepper and traces of licorice, as well as some fresh fruit.

Palate: Earthy and peppery on first wave then getting very sweet and spicy. Chilly. Prunes. Dark chocolate. Really sweet and thick juice with a spicy sherry and Caramel sweets ending.

Finish: Sweet. Coffee. Bitter burnt sugar and caramel.

A little too sweet and cloying for my (changing) palate, but would be just superb for the sweet tooth Whisky lover. As for pricing, 220 (at The whisky Exchange) quid is quite a lot for this young Kavalan. You can get amazingly good sherried scotch for that price (and lower). I’m not sure I’d shell that kind of amount. It’s a well made whisky, but I’m not truly that enthusiastic as Mr Murray..

Score: 87/100

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