Tasting Balblair 2003

This is the youngest offering from Balblair released last December , and tasted in a tweet tasting I had to miss out on (not even sure why).

Balblair 2003 , 46% abv,£45 balblair-2003-1st-release

Nose: fresh lovely and youthful. Vanilla. Pear drops. Green apples. Malty and zesty. With a hint of fresh cucumber. Classic ex bourbon. Young lion. Lovely.

Palate: lovely palate too keeping it fresh with the pears zest and oak. Creamy with vanilla and yummy oak notes followed by wood spice , pepper and ginger. A nice mouth feel oily and full with a tiny hint of dried coconut bits.

Finish : milk chocolate, coconut, vanilla and spicy oak.

Bottom line:

Good nose, palate and finish. Youthful, fresh and crisp. A great example of good quality young ex-Bourbon cask Whisky. a High quality dram in its age group.


official samples provided by Alembic Comms.

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