Glendroncah Cask Strength Batch #3

Time for a quick review of the latest batch from Glendronach CS. I really liked both Batch #1 and Batch#2 , and was keen on trying this 3rd and see how (and if ) it differs. this one comes at 54.90% abv, carrying no age, as usual.

GlenDronach Cask Strength – Batch 3 , 54.90% , £56glendronach-cask-strength-batch-3-whisky

Nose: Sweet sherry with hints of smoke,Dried fruit, apples. Fig jam. Mint. Leather and old library books. Musty.

Palate: Big sherry kick. Pepper. Mint. Demerara sugar. Dark chocolate polished wood varnish , clove cinnamon and a lot of sultanas dipped in honey liquor and rum. Chilly.

Finish:Medium long. With date paste dark chocolate and pepper over vanilla ice cream.

It’s hard to place this among the older batches but I’d say it’s in the same league for sure, quality is still very high.

Score: 90/100

Brilliant stuff as usual from Glendronach. easily one of the better distilleries out there if you love sherry style whiskies.

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