Tasting Glen Ord 30 yo OB

I’ve not had a lot of Glen Ords in the past few years, I remember the Glen Ord 12 to be a very drinkable whisky, and now I think they call them the singleton of Glen Ord or something, but not very common here… So this is indeed my first ever tasting note of GO on the blog. This sample was part of a sample swap with Dave A. , a fellow whisky enthusiast (and blogger) from the UK, and it’s damn time I taste this already (been sitting in one of my sample boxes for over a year or so). Quite surprising to see the 30 year old bottled at such a high ABV, but I am the last to complain about that,right?

Glen Ord 30 Year Old , 58.70% , £299 (at TWE)Glenord30

Nose:  waxy , deep and very spicy nose. Very interesting profile. Oak and sandalwood, with a hint of fruit and also some minerality. Takes time to explore it’s not an easy and inviting nose but it’s worth your while to work it.

Palate: pepper galore with a semi salty semi malty continuation. Nutty and and some herbal bitterness. Again it’s quite complex but not very inviting. Big on oak too and some ginger powder too.

Finish: Bitter oak. Salt. Malt and ginger with lingering pepper.

In short:

Interesting and quite complex and as such  requires time and patience. Not for beginners. Not cheap too, I quite liked it, but It is not your daily dram, something else, when you’re in the mood, I think. 200 quid doesn’t make it more appealing…

Score: 87/100

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