Tasting The Balvenie 17 Double wood

balvenie double 17The Balvenie 12 Double wood was one of the whiskies that got me hooked in the first place, and It is a lovely easy drinking whisky, I’ll always keep handy and drink. a 17 year version calls for a tasting note. Actually I had the first sip of this a year and a half back a t Maltstock 2012 , but it was around midnight, after a few drams (when I say a few I mean around 40! that day, and yes my liver says: hi), and I was in no condition to really keep notes or “nose” and taste this like I should have. Someone brought this one to this week’s whisky tasting, and I was happy to re-taste it in “Lab” like conditions. let’s roll.

Balvenie DoubleWood 17 Year Old , 43% , £69balvenie-doublewood-17-year-old-whisky

Nose: Very very nice stuff. Sweet and inviting, yet complex and interesting. Very nice wood influence going on here , clearly this has seen enough cask: Polished wood,  sweet dough, some raisins and Xmas cake. well balanced.

Palate: It’s lovely. Sweet pastries and spices, on top of spiced oak, varnish, apple strudel with cinnamon, vanilla fudge, and again, brilliant oak. not too oaky, but just right. This is the profile I do like.

Finish: Medium with oak, vanilla and caramel.

In short: I love this. It’s like the 12 DW with a touch of that varnish, oak, and wood, which I like so much in Balvenies (did anyone say Tun 1401? – ok it’s not that, but it’s got that tasty Balvenie oak.) I want this one. I need it, and for that price, I’d go for it. Well done,David Stewart.

Score: 89/100

Available for £69 at Master of Malt , Here.

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