Finishing 2013 with a bang : G & M Macallan Speymalt 1970

I’ve posted my summary of 2013 and it was indeed a dramtastic year for me. What better than macallan-1970-speymalt-gordon-and-macphail-whiskyto finish it with a bang! and this dram my friends, is nothing short of that. It’s stellar. And although it’s expensive, It’s not by any means THAT expensive. So you might actually be able to buy a bottle or share one with a mate or two, and taste greatness.  A sample of that dram found its way to WI towers by means of my good friend PS who attended a G&M masterclass and liked this one that much as to bring me a small sample, and I am greatly thankful to him for this one, and for being a mega friend of the blog, and a true mensch. (google that, if you’re not Jewish, hehe)  This one is for you!

Macallan 1970 – Speymalt (Gordon & MacPhail) , 43% abv , £381

Nose: Boom! Oh my. This is huge!!  I could be nosing this forever. This is the real deal!! Old wood. Tons of it but oh so fragrant. Varnish. Old wooden benches. Some figs and plums underneath the perfumed wood. Some mint too, I could go on and on about hints of this and that. It’s very very very good.

Palate: Yes. It’s brilliant too. Again mouth coating mouth watering stuff. Lots if polished wood mint & pepper and then a wave of dried fruit with cinnamon sprinkled , some pepper and butterscotch. Spicy wood and dark chocolate. Thick but not cloying.

Finish: Plums and dates in dark thick chocolate. Majestic oak. Varnish. Cinnamon.

This is the real deal. This is how a Macallan should taste. yes sir. It’s friggin’ delicious. I normally bitch about 43%, but here, It’s just right. I love it. If you can afford it, get one. I know I am going to get this one pretty soon. It’s “well priced” if you can call a 300+ quid dram “well priced”. It’s in the mid 90’s. for sure.

Score: 95/100

have a great 2014, you all!


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    1. The release is from this year – 1970-2013. I knew instantly that this was going to be an absolute belter of a dram, nice to see Gal felt the same!

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