Old Pulteney 1990 peated cask

When I saw the PR regarding this new 1990 peated OP I was rather excited, as I remember how good was the 1990 Balblair peated cask ( a sister distillery in the same InterBen group). OP has been making some tasty whiskies (just to mention the 12,17 and lovely 21 – the 17 yo being my favourite) in recent years, and although I recently tasted 3 of their 3 new NAS which were below par, They line-up is quite excellent. I was looking forward to a better experimece this time , and this is exactly what I was in for. To make a long story short, I was about to participate in a twitter event a few weeks ago featuring this 1990 and 2 more drams (12, and the new Navigator – tasting notes of this one are coming soon!), due to holiday and also due to the fact that international mail sucks, I did not get the samples in time. But, I was not the only one, apparently … Gladly Lukasz was kind enough to suggest we do a mini twitter tasting online a week or two after with him as lead. What a great guy! (Those of you who know him would agree i am sure). This baby was aged in some ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks that held peated whiskies previously (OP are not revealing which ones).

So, here were are. Let’s dram!old-pulteney-limited-edition-1990-vintage-whisky

Old Pulteney Limited Edition 1990 Vintage , 46%, £129

Nose: Lovely stuff, some old bookshelves, earth, some leather, and also a sweeter tone, even a hint of marmit!! ( i know I loathe it on the palate, but I like it on the nose.) very distant notes of smoke, also BBQ, so faint it’s just a wee whiff.

Palate: Smoke, intertwined with juicy fruit, mouth watering, older wood, sort of darker smokier, yet creamy. complex and multi faceted, on levels I’m not sure I can put into words.

Finish: Elegant smoke, chocolate, salt and slight peat.

This has to be one of the best OP’s out there, and definetly the best whisky I’ve tasted recently. I love it. Not many whiskies get rated over 90. and this one deserves every bit of it. Complex, intresting, and “dark” yet so mouth watering. You want more and more. I want (read: NEED) a bottle. It’s not cheap at more than 120 quid, I know.

Score : 92/100

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    1. Oh yes Peter. I think this is one of the best OPs (not inc. the 40 yo which is wonderful, but we can not afford). it’s a bit different, and as I wrote “darker”. I’d take this one over the 21… I think. it’s limited so wont be around long.

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