Tasting 3 new Amrut Single Casks!

amruts_SCThree new lovely single cask Amruts are being released this month (just in time for Xmas eh?) . A Bourbon, Sherry and Peated ex-Port pipes single cask. The malt whisky from the Bourbon and Sherry casks is made with Indian barley, while the spirit from the Port pipes is made from Scottish barley malted in peat.

I had the privilege of tasting those three excellent whiskies a few months ago (very thankful to Ashok for giving me that sneak peek)  and I am very excited to have my tasting notes on the official PR coming out today. For those of you who are not into reading whisky PR releases, I’ve posted the notes also here. I’m not sure yet about pricing or availability, but those are very limited stocks as they are all single casks, so be quick if you’d like one for Xmas.


Amrut Single Cask, Port pipe, peated , 59% abv , 357 bottles

Nose: Oh my goodness. It’s so rich. So intense. Lovely peat above layers of sweet cherries soaked in wine. Lots of spice too. Mint. Plums. Mushrooms. Desert wine. Tannins galore. It’s huge!!

Palate: wham. Bitter earthy peat. Tons of hot chilly and cinnamon. Tannins. Sweet and hot with smoke and lovely earthy peat. Marinated BBQ meat. Fig jam and sultanas. Rum soaked cake.

Finish: long. Ashy. Peaty. Sweet and spicy cinnamon and dates.

In Short : Superb stuff.Really my all time Fav Amrut so far, I think. Big bald feisty and sweet.Must. Get.

Score: 90/100


Amrut Single Cask, Bourbon , 60% abv ,174 bottles

Nose: coconut oil and vanilla with a bit of waxy notes too. Needs a bit of water to open up and then it reveals perfumed wood notes and more sugars.

Palate: lots of vanilla and fresh coconut, cereals and a hint of bergamot.

Finish: bitter sweet wood, crushed coffee beans.

In short: Nice bourbon influence on steroids.

Score: 85/100

Amrut Single Cask, PX sherry , 56.5% abv , 345 bottlesamrut-px

Nose: rich thick sugars with a clear sherry effect : nuts, grape peals and dried fruit salad in sweet nectar with quite a bit of vanilla and nutmeg.

Palate: sweet and hot at first with freshly ground peppercorns, hot cinnamon and dates and figs galore and a hint of tobacco leaves too.

Finish: cinnamon. Chilly. Dried figs and black pepper.

In Short: Big sherry.

Score: 88/10

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