Boom!–‘The Bomb’ Oloroso finish

What happens when the guys at Whisky Lounge take some 15 year-old ex-Bourbon hogshead matured Westport (a blended malt containing Glenmorangie with a teaspoon of Glen Moray added ) and put it into an Octave (50l) barrel that previously held rich Oloroso sherry. You get the bomb! I got to taste this as a wee sample sent to me by my good and quite generous friend Phil (thank you mate!). I did not know what to even expect, as I’ve not even heard about it previously.. I then liked it quite a lot, as to buy a wee bottle for myself (although I did end up ordering the PX finish of the same whisky which they sell too btw).

The Bomb’ Blended Malt – Oloroso Finish 47.4% (£22 for 0.2L)Bomb2-Olo-web-217x300

Nose: Lots of dark fruit, berries and the like with some meaty notes, vanilla, and custard. rather fruity underneath all that sherry with a dash of berry jam.

Palate: Lovely and meaty sherry, with hedonistic sweet red berries, dough and kirsch. vanilla , candy and sweet crème Catalan.

Finish : Vanilla custard, sweet condensed sherry , coconut .

Boom! it’s cracking and I love it. Try one and get hooked.

Score: 88/100

Thanks again to P.S for the sample

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