Douglas Laing’s new vatted malt–Scallywag

Douglas Laing is one of the better known Indie bottlers, and have enjoyed quite a success with their much appreciated and loved vatted Islay whisky – Big peat. Now they have released another Vatted malt, but this time A 100% Speyside vatting including whiskies from  Mortlach, Macallan and Glenrothes among others. As a big big fan of the big peat, I was pretty sure this dram was about to be of high quality, and was looking forward to trying it ever since it was released a week or so ago. It is bottled at 46% NCF. In addition to the lovely whisky , the packaging of this whisky is just plain gorgeous,with the Fox Terrier print and design. But what’s more important is the whisky inside, so let’s dive:

D.Laing Scallywag blended (vatted) malt , 46%, £36 

Nose: A lovely sweet nose, but not overly so: malt cereals and honey , lovely sherry influence with touches of spice and and hay , infused with red ripe apple peel, there you have it – Speyside on a plate!

Palate: Nice entry with a good mouth feel, rounded and mouth coating : Creamy vanilla , apples, malt , oak and cinnamon with a spicy edge in the form of  Ginger, White pepper. Some ripe oranges add a nice touch to it.

Finish: Sweet fruit, chocolate and a hint of tobacco to end this lovely dram with.

Bottom line:

There you have it: Douglas Laing delivers again and indeed this is a lovely bottling, balanced and well priced. I am sure it’s going to be a big success. I really liked it, and all I can say is : Well done guys. You’ve got another winner.

Score: 85/100

official sample provided by D.Laing whisky

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