Is it Xmas already? Big peat says it is!

So, Another Xmas edition of one of the best blended malts of Islay profile you can find, Big peat, and this time a brand new edition for 2013, with a new label, and a new-ish profile. I am a big fan of Big peat, be it the standard, or the limited edition 50% big peat I’ve reviwed a few months ago, and especially the Xmas editions. Two years ago I got the older Xmas edition, and it was a cracker. What is really nice about big peat in general is that it has a “wide” array of aromas and flavours, and it’s essentially not just most Caol Ila in a bottle, but really interesting and complex (in the good way yes? not in the way Mark Watt told us over at Maltstock… ). Big peat contains malt whisky from a few Islay distilleries, and some Port Ellen too (as to the percentage of that malt in the vatting : we can only guess, but I was told it is not just a teaspoon but more. I wonder how much). So after this long and tedious preface, let’s start dramming:

Big Peat , Christmas Edition 2013 ,  54.9% , ~ £45BP_XMAS

Nose: pear drops and pine needles. Medicinal with bandages , iodine and antiseptic. Peat , salty brine and lemongrass. Cinnamon and tar with a gingery edge.

Palate: woosh! An avalanche of peat and pepper. With  sweet fruity pears in the backdrop.  Ash. Leather and some ash. Tobacco. Apple peel. Salty.

Finish: red apple peel. Ash. Peat and soot. Salt.


Like it says on the label : “A real Cracker!”. no doubt. If you’re a peat lover, Islay fan, and enjoy a good peaty dram, you can’t go wrong with this one. Huge stuff. D.Laing have nailed it again. Go get one, I am definitely getting me another of those.

Score : 88/100

Big peat Xmas edition 2013 available at the TWE , £45

official sample provided by D.Laing & Co.

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