Tasting the Tweeddale blend batch #4

header_logo1It’s always exciting when Alasdair releases a new batch of his splendid small batch blend called the Tweeddale. I’ve been following the Tweeddale and tasting all of its previous batches for a few years now, and it’s no secret that I’m a big fan. This Tweeddale is a lovely example of how blends can be absolutely cracking, without being overly expensive, and overly boring as some blends tend to be. Batch #3 was released only a few months ago, and this batch is about to be released pretty soon.  In terms of malts and grains used for this batch we’re talking almost the same as batch #3 , while The Lowland malt is 14 years old and was matured in an Islay cask. The Grain is slightly younger than the 18 year old in batch 3, it is a 16 year from a refill Hogshead (and not a ex sherry Butt as with the 1st three batches). Batch #4 is a  Limited Edition, (1420 numbered bottles) and aged Aged 14 Years.

Let’s start nosing, shall we?tw

Tweeddale blend batch #4 , 46% , £43.99

Nose: Spiced milk chocolate, vanilla Galore, sugared nuts and fresh lemon curd. All engulfed by sweet malty cereal goodness and baked apple, and a wee hint of smoke.

Palate: oily and lovely mouth feel. Quite spicy with pepper and ginger then getting more dark chocolate , cloves and rap touch of bitter espresso and candied almonds.

Finish: Warming. Sweet sultana coated by dark chocolate praline. Drying and medium to long.

This batch feels richer and more chocolaty than precious batches. and a tad more smoky. Very high malt percentage I presume. Lovely stuff. If you enjoy blends, might as well pick up a bottle, It offers a much better ROI than standard mass produced blends. It’s balanced,rich, and interesting. Super stuff. Kudus to Alasdair for maintaining such a high standard across batches.

Score: 89/100

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