Two more New Wemyss Malts–Linkwood & Clynelish

Time for two more lovely single casks from Wemyss (recently reviewed another lovely dram from that release : The Salted Caramels Glen Scotia 1991 which i really liked). So,how will those 2 fare? let’s dram!

Wemyss Apple Pastry Linkwood , 1991

Nose: Apple strudel with blackberries , aniseed, vanilla and some pear tart.

Palate: Nice sweet woody touch with baked apples filled with sultana and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and vanilla. Doughnut dough.

Finish: Sweet dough. sultana. Apple crumble.

Score: 85/100wemyss_apple

Wemyss Spiced Chocolate Cup – Clynelish ,1997

Nose: Rather floral to start with. Then opens up to reveal many spices : cinnamon, nutmeg cloves and some oriental spices I am not even sure how to describe. Light waxiness , stewed pears and some maltiness.

Palate: Spicy mother of Jesus!. Lots of ginger and spice. Some vanilla , cocoa and chilly.

Finish: spice. Fruit. Malt. Wax. Yup. It rocks.

Score: 87/100


The Clynelish would be my pick if I had to choose only one of those whiskies. it’s spicy, and still keeps up with the nice waxiness you may expect from a Clynelish. Good mouth feel even at the diluted 46%. As for pricing, you can argue about VFM, but quality wise, they are as good as you might expect from Wemyss.

Official samples provided by Wemyss Malts

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