Springbank 14 yo Burns Malt [The Whisky Barrel]

Another indie bottling sold by TWB (which bears a cunning similarity to the Whisky Broker bottlings). Every springer is welcome at WI towers, and especially cask strength &  single cask ones. always something to look forward too, and this one did not disappoint.

Springbank 14 yo Burns Malt  , 54.3% abv , £61.30 (TWB)sb_twb14

Nose: This one is lovely to start with as it displays a dirty sort if malty side. Got to love this, these moments are what make scotch so interesting and enticing. Add a   Some apples and damp wood, sprinkle some cinnamon and waxy notes, and you’ve got yourself a superb nose.

Palate : Salty and malty with a bit if smoke too. Light earthy peat layered on some fruit and  Brine. It’s also spiced with some sulphur, and nicely so.

Finish: sulphur-y. Salty with  Smoke and bits of peat.

This is just a lovely example of Springbank, with everything you can expect from a 14 year old. Salt, malt, peat, smoke, fruit. Winner.

Score: 88/100

official sample provided by TWB

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