Flaviar Peat Pack take 1 – Connemara Cask Strength


As whisky geeks we’re always on the look for new drams and there are so many expressions out there it’s really impossible to buy every bottles that comes out. One way of trying those expressions and still be on a budget is ordering samples. Now, there are a lot of sample sites I’ve reviewed in the past (Master of Malt with their awesome drinks by the dram programme, Whisky samples , and a few more). Apparently there is a new player in the game called “Flaviar”. They approached me and suggested I try one of their many sample kits, and why not? A quick look at their site reveals they have a lot of very interesting packs, from Rum to Japanese whisky, Peat packs, Grappa, Gins and many others. However, they have chosen to go with a subscription plan rather than purchasing individual samples : £24.99 gets you a monthly pack sent to you, while you can also opt for a 2 months “test flight” for £54.99. peat_pack

I was lucky enough to get to sample the Peat pack featuring 5 peated drams, from scotch malt to Irish peated and even a Dutch peated malt (Millstone Peated,Compass Box The Peat Monster,BenRiach Curiositas 10 Year Old,Big Peat,Connemara Peated Cask Strength) .

While the set is not exactly cheap (about 5 quid per sample), it looks lovely in a very stylish box, and the glassware used are also superb looking, and would make a wonderful present to a whisky / spirits lover in that respect, so good work lads!

Currently there is a special offer for new subscriptions by Flaviar  if you’re interested, you can get your first set for as low as £9 , if you sign up HERE for a sample programme(monthly drams).

No whisky post without tasting notes, and since I’ve tasted most of the samples in the sample kit, I chose one I have not posted notes for : the Irish Connemara Peated Cask Strength. I do have a bottle of the Connemara whisky at home (given as a gift by a friend), and it’s not one of my favourites to say the least (too rubbery for me), but i was hoping the CS version would be more to my liking… (more like the Turf Mor I really liked back then.)

Connemara Cask Strength , NAS , 57.90% , £49 connemara_ca

Nose: Funky. Quite farmy (Which is not bad in some whiskies) with a lot of rubber boots, and inside of a rubber tire,  Floral and a bit of vanilla. Earthy. Peaty. Not a nose I’d say i like. not at all.

Palate: pretty strong. Rather sooty and earthy with a metallic tone. Some vanilla. Burnt rubber. Peat and more soot and rubber tires.

Finish: Hot, metallic and sooty

In one line : licking a rubber bicycle tire, with some vanilla and metal on top. Not my cuppa. at all. Not sure if I dislike this one more than the watered down version, but probably this one is less to my liking.Something is not right here. I know some people really liked this one, for some reason…

Score: 72/100

many thanks to the guys over at Flaviar for the sample set.

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