Glenmorangie Ealanta 1993 , 19 yo

This very interesting expression was released in the beginning of 2013, but I have not been able to source a sample. With a little help from my friend Phil, This became possible. This wee dram was fully matured in specially sourced, heavily toasted new white oak casks from Missouri’s Ozark mountains. “Ealanta” stands for for “skilled” and “ingenious in Gaelic. As we may know, a little Gaelic can not hurt, and this is a trend I quite like (especially as I don’t understand Gaelic ). Limited to about 5K bottles, this one is all but gone from whisky store shelves, so if you see one, and like it, grab one.

Glenmorangie 1993 Ealanta , 46% abv , £98 (sold out)glenmorangie-1993-ealanta-whisky

Nose:Very fragrant. Sweet wood up front,with lots of sugars flying all Over. Exotic mixed fruit salad: apricot, coconut, papaya and Kiwi. Some candied orange peel , vanilla , sandalwood. Crème Catalan. Cinnamon and sugar.

Palate: Rich, sweet and creamy. Exotics again: pineapple, coconut sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. Some citrus but on the whole this is very sweet and yummy stuff. You can say it’s Bourbon like almost, and that is no surprise with the virgin oak casks, while ending with a pinch of gingery zing.

Finish: Lots of sugared coconut. Wood and oodles of vanilla.

This is a fine dram indeed, so sweet, exotic and Bourbon-y. i quite like it, and no wonder it has sold well. Interesting wood usage, and good execution. Dr Bill knows his work. no doubt.

Score: 87/100

Many thanks to PS for the wee sample

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  1. I was able to buy a bottle of Ealanta in World of Whiskies, LHR Terminal 1 for GBP 79.95. A bargain it seems.

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