Ruby, My Dear

Thelonious Monk, one of the greatest jazz artists to have lived (so I and many others think), wrote this lovely piece about his first love,Rubie Richardson, and first recorded it in 1947, one of jazz most well known pieces. When I first heard the Macallan are going to bottle an expression named “Ruby”, this was the first thing that popped into my mind. And what better setting to taste the last of the 1824 series than to this lovely music.

Ruby,My Dear

The Macallan Ruby – 1824 Series , 43% , £118 (at Master of Malt)

This is the oldest, richest, and darkest one in the 1824 series, the oldest sherry casks were used here apparently, bottled at 43% and selling for about double the price as the Sienna which I really liked.

Nose: Richer  than all three previous expressions in the series, as can be expectedthe-macallan-ruby-1824-series-whisky with a lot of dark and deep sherry influcence: Prunes and sultanas in rum , some marzipan. Balsamic. and more wood, all in deep Rich PX sherry. It’s got more spice than the Sienna.

Palate: Starts quite spicy, with a lot of wood spices, and maybe a bit of chilly. The we’re off to Big Sherry land : thick raisins. Coffee. Cocoa. Honey. Getting hot with spice.

Finish: Raisins. Dark chocolate and some tannins. Bitter with some wood and espresso.

Bottom line:

A very enjoyable dram, thick and dark sultana goodness, with some spiciness that the Sienna lacked (I rather liked sienna for being sweet and not too spicy). It’s a nice late night dram, to be drunk with good music, maybe after a good meal. I am not sure which I like better, this one or Sienna, but since this whisky costs double, If I were to choose, I would prefer the Sienna at half the price, which is AS enjoyable as this one, not a tad less. Depending on your budget and the flavour profile you are after, both would be fine choices, worthy of the Macallan name. I am not sure if the 1824 series will be a success among whisky lovers, and only time will tell if the bold move The Macallan has taken here will prove to be a smart one. NAS or not, These are all high quality whiskies, with the older Amber,Sienna and Ruby delivering quite what one would expect of them.

Score: 88/100

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