Angel’s Envy Rye

Last year I reviewed the “regular” Angel’s envy Bourbon and it was very nice, and when I heard Lincoln Henderson has created a new Rye under the Angel’s envy brand, I knew I had to try this one too. This Rye is really special in the sense that it’s finished in Rum barrels which were used to age French Cognac, for up to 18 months after being aged for 6 years in fresh oak barrels. Henderson concocted a 95% Rye mash bill where the rest of the 5% is malted barley.  The end result is bottled at a cool 50% abv, a step up from the port finished bourbon variation which is very nice! So how does a Rye whiskey finished for 18 months in Franco Caribbean Rum barrels taste like?

Angel’s Envy Rye, 50% abv, $70 – $80a_e_rye

Nose: very spicy stuff going on here. A very Interesting melange of sweet toffee. Pine. Liquorice and Some curry, turmeric, cinnamon and peppermint. But in addition to all this rye effects you also get a nice sweet sort of candied fruit  sweetness.

Palate: oh yes. A lovely mix of sweet, spicy and fruity. It’s viscous and almost chewable. With the sugars attacking first then giving way to spicy cinnamon and chilly. It’s all engulfed in sweet velvety sweetness. A bit of stewed apricots in cinnamon  and honey liquor. Very enticing. With some nice rum effect.

Finish: liquorice. Spice, bitter chocolate. Peppermint. Cinnamon gum.

A very nice and unique rye, not cheap, but lovely straight or in a cocktail.

Score: 88/100.

Official sample provided by Angel’s  Envy

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