New Jura : Turas-Mara

This new expression was featured in last week’s whisky news, and now it’s time for my tasting notes, with the help of the whisky fairy (which was quite quick this time – hooray!) i was able to get a cheeky little sample and try it last night. basically it’s a NAS bottled at 42% (not 43% but 42%…) and no cask type is indicated although from the tasting notes, it is rather obvious there are some ex-sherry / ex-port casks involved in the vatting. The name is Gaelic for long journey, Turas-Mara is inspired by the travels of the many Diurachs who were forced to emigrate during the 18th and 19th centuries, in what became known as “The Clearances”, to countries including the US and Canada. Available only in Duty free shops worldwide.

Jura Turas-Mara , 42% abv , £40turas

Nose:  Lovely sweet toffee  upon layers of vanilla , ginger candy and orange peel. Sweet stuff with cocoa powder too.

Palate: Palate: Vanilla, honey , dark chocolate with rum soaked cherries, and some sultanas. Clearly sherry influence here, making it very yummy and sweet/bitter.

Finish: Oak, dark chocolate truffles. Raisins. Orange zest: A bitter sweet symphony.

Bottom line:

Very nice and quite quaffable and approachable. Good stuff, all in all. Not very cheap for NAS, and at this ABV, but you can not go wrong if you bring it as a gift to someone you are visiting, or just as a nice sipper. Don’t expect it to be the most complex of malts but clearly rather enjoyable for me.  Jura malts are getting better and better, and I like this trend.

Score: 84/100

Official sample provided by W&M

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    1. I envy you my friend. would love to go back to the island, where will you stay? at the hotel or on Islay? we stayed in the lodge it’s amazing there. and u can see the distillery from your window.

  1. I just picked up a bottle at the airport – do you know what age it is? I can’t seem to find any information on this… I make a wild assumption it’s a 10 year finished for another couple in the port/sherry/bourbon barrels…?

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