Balblair 1997 (2012 edition) at the #Balblair tweet tasting

When Lukasz of Alembic comms who does the media magic for Balblair (and some other Interbev brands) calls for a twitter tasting I am the first to join in, and with good reasons. Those events are always a treat, and Balblair is one of my favourite distilleries ever since I’ve visited a couple of years ago, and was very impressed with the distillery and its whiskies, Super place, and super drams all high quality, NCF, no colouring and a joy to the palate. I think Balblair does not get the attention it should get, and hope people who read this will try and get better acquainted with their whiskies, cause you should!

Anyways, we were for a treat of an evening with 3 superb drams, of which this one was the youngest. 1997, seems like yesterday, but hey it’s been 15 years old. I am getting really old…

this is the 2nd release, bottled 2012 from 1st refill American oak ex-bourbon casks, at 46%. Let’s dive in shall we?

Balblair , 1997 , 2012 release ,46% ,  £52.96


Nose: What a delight : vanilla, sweet honey, pineapple, banana peel , fruit and ginger can call it  fruit salad madness , and you’d be right. so nice.  honey, the aromas just scream out there to you, no need to go looking’ bits of lemon curd here and there. truly lovely stuff! when you let it rest you get a bit of charred wood. Fruit noses do not get any better than this. Fine stuff!

Palate: Ginger powder, malty, lemon tart, biscuity and malty, with the apples underneath, wood spices, and an exotic fruit i can’t put my finger on, bits of white pepper too. An orgy of flavours just playing with your palate, as you smile in delight.

Finish:  Medium, zingy, ginger and fruit.

A fine whisky, fruity, sweet, with enough highland character too, and a delight to sniff and quaff.Balblair know their work eh?

Score: 87/100

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