Amrut Greedy Angels

Sistine Madonna 2 angelsA new Amrut single malt is always good news, This Indian distillery has produced some super drams in recent years, all very young relative to Scotch whisky due to the dry and hot climate in Bangalore, which boosts maturation and causes the liquid to evaporate and aged at a super fast pace. What’s new in this one is that it’s their oldest EVER malt to be bottled : and after 8 years of maturation the angels share was so large that only  a little remained from two casks enough to make only 142 bottles (274 litres of spirit were lost in both casks). That is insane! isn’t it? One of a kind whisky since I don’t really think Amrut will go on bottling many of those old casks since it’s not economical to loose so much, and also since their younger 3-5 year olds do feel so much older on the ‘Scotch’ scale. Anyways, very brave and generous move on behalf of Amrut here, although the price is somehow expensive. Couldn’t find those online except on the Swedish systembolaget site..

Amrut Greedy Angels, 8 yo, 50% abv ga_small

Nose: Really sweet and concentrated. Loads of vanilla. Peach ice cream. Nice wood influence for a 8 year old, this does feel more like 20+ year old in Scotch terms… Rose water. Bubble-gum. Sweet with exotic spices Galore.

Palate: oh ! Very spicy on entry. Sweet chilly. Cinnamon. Red  Curry powder. Malty with chocolate, spiced wood. Ripe Oranges. Again, no sign of youth here, with tremendous maturity. 8 years in Bangalore , FTW.

Finish: Dry,  Dark chocolate with  cinnamon and fruit. Medium length.


This is an excellent whisky, very mature for it’s age, at 8 years of age i would swear it’s an old scotch rather than a young Indian.  The angels knew what they were doing , sweet, sexy, and so thick. This is indeed befitting the angels.

Score: 89/100

Official sample Provided by Amrut single malt.

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        1. Yes. Johnny. it’s very limited and they lost a lot of whisky to evaporation… i’d go for the other expressions which are excellent. fusion and int. sherry are my favs

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