Two very different Jura

I received two very different samples of Indie Jura whiskies from two whisky buddies, one from the UK (Cheers Tom) and another one from Glenn (Ta!) and thought it would be nice to post them together. Jura whisky is often considered a ‘lesser’ distillery, but they have really improved in recent years, and some of their stuff is really nice (OB that is), it’s always nice to get and sample some IB’s as well.

The first one is an expression from the single casks bottle for the whisky shop, all 0.5l bottles, bottled at 40% (sadly) and known as the Glenkeir treasures series.

Isle Of Jura 21 year old Glenkeir Treasure , 40% abv ,£59.00isle-of-jura-big

Nose: Fruity with sultana and grape peel. A bit of brine and damp wood.

Palate: Much sweeter than the palate and much nicer if you ask me. Sultanas , spice. Chocolate. Vanilla and a bit of wax, this is a solid palate over here, just a shame it’s not bottled at CS , it would have been even lovelier this way.

Finish: Dry woody and some tannins.


A weird sort of dram. Not my favourite jura, but not bad, with a delicious palate, and a lesser nose, but worth a shot.

isle of Jura 24 yo 1988 50,8%, (The W.Agency , B&T) 2012, bourbon jura-24_TWAhogshead

Nose: A very interesting nose:  rather maritime with peat reek and seaweed in the front. Not much fruit or malt on first sniff. A tad waxy.

Palate: Whoa! Sharp entry and some hints of FWP but very restrained. Again peaty and salty with oysters and a drop of lemon.

Finish: Peat,  Soot and salt.


This is a devilish little Jura, and maybe the most maritime of their malts I’ve tried to date. Wonderful peat salt and oysters there, giving you the Island experience as it should be.Splendid.

Score: 90/100

Lovely stuff, and again many thank to Glenn and Tom for the samples

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