#12blends Day 6 – Johnnie Walker Platinum 18 yo

Day 6, and again my guess failed big time. Not that i have ever had this one but, still. I went for the Bailie Nicol Jarvie blend (and as it appears quite a few other mates went for the same one , and were wrong). Let’s roll:

Johnnie Walker 18 Year Old Platinum Label , 40% , £63.31

Nose: Malty and semi sweet with bits of dry sherry and Smoke. A bit of spice too and then some Ginger powder. Not bad, but a bit wateryjohnnie-walker-platinum-label-blended-whisky

Palate: Feels rather young. Malty with some white pepper. Delicate sherry sweetness. With a bit of alcohol bite. Very surprised to hear this is supposed to be 18 year old!

Finish: Dark chocolate Bonbons.

What can I say, it’s nice. It’s got some sweet chocolate, and smoke and bits of sherry, but at this price, it really offers too little. You can find so many cheaper and better blends and malts, so I really see no reason to get this one, other than as a gift to someone who isn’t really into whisky, but knows the JW brand. Nice, but pricy.

Cheers Tom!

One thought on “#12blends Day 6 – Johnnie Walker Platinum 18 yo

  1. It’s a shame, Diageo obviously were successfull in their scam! Many years ago I remember, Johnnie Walker Gold Label 18yo was charged at 50 EUR. Nowadays you get the NAS Gold Label Reserve for about 35, while the new 18 yo (Platinum Label) costs considerably more (65 EUR in Germany).
    But obviously people still buy their overpriced stuff. At least JW Green Label has been re-introduced to Europe again, with the price not having risen. I am really surprised (positively so), they could have charged 45+ EUR for that!

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