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#12blends day 4 & 5 [Ballentines 17 yo + Tweeddale blend 12 yo]

I do not blog over the weekend (Family time , and thus no time) just drink, but here is a recap of what happened in the last few days. After my relative success in guessing the Grants expression, It was just obviously that the next few days are going to be shite. I managed to score about 0 points in each of those days missing on everything (good i knew it was bloody whisky!), but seriously it’s really tricky. I’ve had both day 4,5 drams before but could not connect the dots, and my senile brain was of no use. It’s good i can still write tasting notes, so u get them now.

Day#4 – Ballantines 17 yo , 43% ABV , £45.95ballantines-17-year-old-whisky

Nose: Malty and creamy with some polished wood, vanilla and some lemon. Doesn’t seem very young, but not old as well.

Palate: Spicy to begin with as in ginger and peppery which turns into a malty delight. Biscuit-y. With malty sugars and semi sweet chocolate.

Finish : Getting dry, and some fruit and malt remains.

This is a lovely piece of blending, but It’s not THAT good as one Jim Murray would have you believe. No way i can understand how this whisky can be chosen for best whisky for the year of 2011. It’s simply not excellent, and among the amazing array of whiskies out there, it just is a good whisky, without distinction. Not a bad price but you can do much better at almost 50 quid. If someone can explain this choice (other than commercial reasons) i will be eternally thankful. anyone? Jim?

Day#5 –  The Tweeddale Blend 12 , 46% ABV, £36

I’ve already reviewed this on the blog (look here) , but this doesn’t mean I could guess this one. And, yes, I did not. But I did like it, as before. would be nice to compare my notes now and back then. u can do it Winking smileI am quite amazed those notes look so similar to the original ones (i swear I did not look at the old ones until i began writing this post, and did not correct any of my new ones).

Nose: Rather perfumed. Lemon sherbet. Malt. Wax.

Palate: Rich and malty. Some spices and a sprinkle of pepper. And whiff f smoke. bits of Cocoa and powder.

Finish : Malty. Wood and cocoa powder.

A lovely blend if you ask me. I believe i prefer this one over the over-hyped Bal 17. Alasdair (creator of this one) does a great job.

So, 2 more blends behinds us, and some more to come.

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