Hakushu Heavily Peated

After a week long vacation due to the Passover holiday,  I am back with new tasting notes and it’s fun to be back. What can be nicer than start the week with a nice Japanese whisky, heavily peat too. yup.

This one has been sitting around for a few months, ever since my sample swap with Dave A. a fellow Whisky lover with a liking to Japanese malts (fine fellow), check out his very unique hakushu-heavily-peatedblog. Anyways, i was feeling like heaving a new whisky I never tried, and as a peat head this one popped into my mind. I’ve tried the 12 year old Hakushu a long time ago and liked it quite q bit. I wonder how this one is going to compare… Let’s dive.

Hakushu heavily peated, 48%

Nose: Lemon curd and lots of campfire smoke , sweet peat and an earthy Element too. Ground black pepper as well. Given blind I would guess this is a young Caol ila maybe because of the lemony sort of profile, although there is some pepper which is quite unique.

Palate: Rather oily. Earthy damp peat. Wood smoke. Sweet fruit : think pears. Soot. Salt and a nice addition of black pepper and bitter wood.

Finish: A salty toast. Smoke and sweet peat to finish with.

Very good stuff in my opinion. Quite different than the 12 yo I had previously. Lots of Smoke of course and peat, and also salt I don’t recall from the last one. Pepper is here for sure. A nice buy if you can get hold of a bottle, and as prices have gone up, it’s not cheap. Most Online shops I use do not have it in stock (Mom,TWE) so I am not sure where to get hold of a bottle any ideas?

Score: 86/100

Many thanks to Dave A, for this sample

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