Today : Internatinal (World?) Whisky Day , March 27th

int_whiskydaToday is the International World Whisky Day, in which we remember MICHAEL JACKSON , the renowned whisky writer, and pioneer who wrote some very influential books on whisky, and sadly died of Parkinson’s disease. As you well know, there has been quite some fuss and discussion in whisky circles after some semi-commercial attempts to use this day for commercial purposes, registering a trade marks and abusing Michael’s memory for purposes which are not clear enough, or rather shady.

Let’s try to remember Michael today, and raise a wee dram for his memory (be it malt whisky, or other non barley distillate if you keep Kosher for Passover). And most important of all, donate to the Parkinson foundation.

please visit this site, to see how you can do that, and what else you can do to celebrate this important day.


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