Tasting Bushmills Black Bush – It’s Saint Paddy!

Bushmills logoWell, yes today March 17th is Saint Patrick’s day, and what better day than to review this long missing classic Irish blend. When i started my whisky journey I was quite keen on this whisky, and still think it offers a good price/ quality ration, and although it’s not the best and most complex dram I have ever had, it’s very pleasant, and worth your while if you have not tried it yet.

Basically this is a vatting of Spanish Oloroso Sherry casks aged up to 7 years and some ex-bourbon casks, where the malt percentage is about 80% which is rather high for a blend, only 20% is grain whisky.

I am posting this as part of a Black Bush Flash Mob blog, so expect a lot of other bloggers to post their BB notes, videos, Vlogs etc NOW!

Let’s dram:

Bushmills Black Bush , 40% ABV, NAS , £21bushmills-black-bush-whiskey

Nose: I remember it being fuller, but this nose is also nice. Some sweet notes with quite a bit of spice and a certain banana peel note. It’s a bit flat, but after some time in the air, it becomes more interesting.

Palate: It’s certainly sherry influences, and there are some nice notes of sherry, fruit, and cinnamon spice as well as a big malty backbone to it,spiced sultanas.

Finish:Lingering sherry sweetness, grape peel, toasted wood, bitterish.

All in all this is a nice blend , quite sweet, sherry themed, and easy to drink and appreciate. It’s solid and at that price is a no brainer.

Score: 80/100

Many thanks to Tomer for the sample.

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