Bruichladdich The Organic (Multi Vintage)

Been quite some time since I reviewed any OB Bruichladdich , and this young Laddie is something i have been meaning to try for some time. It’s basically quite young NAS (But should be something between 6 and 8 years old). This Organic started me thinking about the importance of Barley and variations of barley in the whisky making process: It seems that distillers put a lot of information on labels about the maturation, and cask types, but less information related to barley, and this is a bit odd in my opinion.A good effort here by the laddie. One thing i would love to do is a comparison of this type of whisky and non-organic whisky distilled at the same time. This also brings questions regarding how and if organic barley differs from non-organic. But i will not bore you with this whisky geek talk this time (however, expect a post regarding that for die hard whisky geeks).


Bruichladdich The Organic, multi vintage, OB, 46%,£34

Nose: starts a bit funky with quite a bit of lemony notes in addition to light malty sweeter ones. It’s all rather light lemony and soothing.

Palate:  A lot of toasted barley on the palate giving way to some more spicy lemon , a bit like pickled lemons we get over here in Israel. Fruity too and a rather oily mouth feel to it. Giving this dram is some time is a good idea as the flours grow stronger with time and develop into hints of pear ,papaya, and even some wet grass.

Finish: Medium with toasted barley and pear drops.

Gentle and lemony. Fresh and fruity. Lovely for a summer night.

Very fresh, lemony and youthful (in a good way), With spring upon us , and temperartures on the rise here, I think this one is going to make an excellent summer drink for hotter climates, but not only. Solid stuff from Bruichladdich.

Score: 85/100

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