Passover 2013 or a week without drams???

MatzahNot a regular post today, but rather a wee post about a Jewish holiday I am not sure everyone is aware of. It all started yesterday. Millions of Jews, are going to stop eating bread,cakes, and everything made from ordinary flour and fermented flour, and yeast. Yes, No beer, no Whisky (OMG) and nothing of the like for a week. It all has to do with the holiday named “Passover”. Basically it’s a long story, but you know the drill, The Jews were slaves in Egypt, and then saved by Moses with the help of G-od, and here we are after 40 years in the dessert, in the Scorching hot land of Israel.  Now, you may know I am not a pious Jew and not very observant, but those who does keep the Jewish tradition holidays by the book must abstain from all that good for a week. Now, what do you do when you have a big stash of malt whisky, say a 100 bottles or so, and you wish to observe the Jewish tradition? You either drink it all before Passover which is not very feasible , or you need to “Sell” your hooch to a non Jew. That’s right. And this is what i did this year (with the kind help of my good whisky friend PS). Essentially you need to put all your booze in one place, and define it as non kosher for the holiday, then sign a deed where you sell it to a non Jew and then after the holiday the gentleman will sell you all your malt back, so you get to keep all your whisky and also be aligned with Jewish laws. Cool.

Now a wee question to you blog readers? could you handle one week of no bread, no beer, and no whisky? Winking smile (and do not worry about me, ok?)

This week I am going to take a break from posting New Whisky tasting notes, and enjoy the holiday, and be back with a lot of new notes and ideas i have cooking. So do not despair, and see you all next week.

Happy Passover.


5 thoughts on “Passover 2013 or a week without drams???

    1. Yes Eliyahu, Israeli wines are amazing, and i drink quite a lot of wine too throughout the year, but there is no replacement for whisky. one week is not a long time IMHO and when you return to whisky, you do enjoy the flavors even more.

  1. I have more weeks without a dram than with… But I do have to sell my Whisky so that I can continue to share it with more observant Jews after the holiday.

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