Boxes Blend

So today, a new blended whisky, from the Master of Malt, but with a special story behind it, and a special blending method.

Boxes Blend is a whisky put together by bassist Carey Willets of Athlete band. The blend is named after his new solo project, an electro pop adventure. here’ a wee video that will make it clearer:


Anyways, that is how boxes blend came into existence, with some help of Ben of Master of Malt, and Joel (the better half of the dou – no hard boxes-blend-blended-whiskyfeeling Neil eh?). At first i didn’t quite know how to look at this one, a musician blending whisky, all very weird, but It was rather good as you are about to see.

Boxes Blend , 40.90% , £54

Nose: Rather creamy and fruity: sweet ripe berries, unripe Banana, apple cooked in butter , vanilla. very gentle and lovely.

Palate: sweet with vanilla custard, sweet wood, spice, some butter clove and nutmeg, a bit of that sherry sort of sweetness along the banana / berry theme.

Finish : A bit of spice, rather long with the fruit from the palate.

Very Easy drinking, smooth and fruity. quite nice.

Score: 82/100

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