Some whisky news for the weekend

Glenmorangie lets you design your own dram (sort of )

GLE2265_POS_4_sheet_25%_AW.inddIn a world first Glenmorangie is asking its own fans to create their own perfect dram.It means those who enjoy Scotland’s favourite malt will be able to vote online on the taste, design and launch of a new whisky.The Cask Masters online programme is launched today (1 March) and will run for 18 months. Anyone can take part by logging on to Last year Glenmorangie was crowned Distiller of the Year at the IWSC Awards, and this initiative is a new way of interacting with the brand’s enthusiasts.Whisky fans from across the world will help develop a new type of Glenmorangie single malt, to be released in late 2014. In order to speed up the process Glenmorangie has pre-selected three whiskies that are nearing the end of their maturation at their Highland distillery. But it’s up to fans to register their opinions online and determine the outcome of the new whisky.The programme is being overseen by Glenmorangie’s award winning arbiter of taste, Dr Bill Lumsden.Dr Bill Lumsden, Director of Distilling and Whisky Creation at the Glenmorangie Company explained: “For years we have listened to fans and their views and noted reactions to the whiskies we have introduced.“Now it’s their turn to have a go and I hope as many whisky aficionados as possible will be able to join in and enjoy each stage of this exciting journey…who knows where we will end up!”

Current casks available for your choice in step 1 are : Grand Cru Burgundy , Grand Cru Bordeaux and Manzanilla.

I know some whisky purists are not really impressed with those 3 wine casks but I do think it’s a nice way to go. so have a go. it’s really nice, and you can see some videos of Dr. Bill talking and explining what’s it all about.

Ardbeg day 2013 is announced with a new Expression182481_10152661960200657_1924740781_n

Ardbeg has just announced Ardbeg day for 2103, which will take place first of June, across the globe.In addition the next limited edition launch from Ardbeg will be called Ardbog, to honour the peat bogs of our beloved Islay! the new expression is about to be launched at the same day!

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  1. I was hugely dissapointed when I saw the three casks. Please Glenmorangie, get your stuff together instead of this crap

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