Tobermory 17 Year Old – Single Cask (Master of Malt)

Yet another single cask from the latest batch of MoM (this will be over soon , I promise, but man they released so many, and most are just good).

I know many whisky lovers who do not think highly of the Tobermory distillery from the Island of Mull (Home to 2 malt lines : Tobermory, and the peated Ledaig). I can not blame them, as Tobermory has produced some mediocre malt in the past, but current releases (all at a higher strength and NCF) by Burn Stewart are much better, and also in nicer looking bottles. This one however is a little peppery delight, and very surprising.tobermory-17-year-old-1995-single-cask-master-of-malt-whisky

Tobermory 17 Year Old – Single Cask (Master of Malt) , 57% , £59.95

Nose: Black pepper up front. With hints of cranberry juice and some cherries. Getting sweeter if you let it rest for a few minutes in the glass, which makes some of the pepper go away making it a bit nicer.

Palate: Pepper. Then lots of malty goodness. Sugars. Cereals. Quite alcoholic and very powerful. A pinch of salt and a lot of sweet fortified wine too.  That is something i never expected from a Tobermory.

Finish: Pepper. Chilly sprinkled over dark chocolate, some grapes.

Surprisingly good, and with a lot of peppery punch, If you like this about whiskies than this one is definitely for you. A bit of water, will mellow it down if you’re into less peppery malts. All in all, a lovely little dram with some panache! At this price it’s really a no brainer. Wish all single casks (and OBs) would ne priced that way.

Score:  84/100

official sample provided by MoM

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  1. Wife just bought me one of these bottles. Looking forward to cracking it open. Sounds like a dram that is right down my alley.

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