The MaltMan Bowmore 1989 21 yo

MALTMAN_LogoThrilled to feature a brand new Indie bottler today , The Maltman. This label is bottled by the Meadowside blending Co. located in Glasgow. I have to admit this is the first time I’ve tasted their single casks, and find them rather nice. One downside is that all of them are watered down to about 46% rather than CS, which is a downer for us whisky geeks who like it “as is” from the cask at Cask strength (more flavour, and bang). But, since ABV is not everything, and having read good things about them, let’s give those a try. The first (in a series of about 5 notes) will be a 1989 Bowmore, and very fitting a few cold nights we’ve been experiencing here in Israel (relative, that is, around 7C). and winter calls for Peated malts. so let’s roll.

The MaltMan Bowmore 1989 , 21 yo , 46% ABV, 85 EURmaltman_bow

Nose: Gentle peat with some carbolic soap. Candy. A certain malty sweetness too. Some brine too, and seaweed. Islay on a tray, but quite mellow. nice.

Palate: A lot of smoke here than i had anticipated based on the subdued nose.  continuing with pepper, Sweet malt, Banana peel and ginger powder.

Finish: long. smoky. Savoury and  Spicy.

A very enjoyable and smooth islay, could have been a bit nicer at CS as I thought, but very enjoyable too at this level too. At 85 EUR it’s not cheap certainly for the reduced ABV, but also not overpriced. A solid dram.

Score: 85/100

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