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Malt Maniacs Awards 2012 – Results are announced

This year’s MMA are upon us , like they are every year. I am not a huge fan of awards, but the MMA are conducted blind, and by members of a non profit organization not affiliated with any whisky company, so i tend to appreciate their awards more than others.

this year’s Big winners are:

Ultra Premium Category (whiskies have a typical price greater than €150)

Supreme Winner: Glendronach 40yo 1972/2012 (50.2%, OB for LMDW, D2/3/’72 B3/’12, C#713, oloroso sherry butt, 476 Bts.)

Best Sherried Whisky: Glengoyne 1972/2012 (55.5%, Malts of Scotland, D9/’72 B9/’12, C#12044, sherry hogshead, 254 Bts.)

Best Peated Whisky: Benriach 27yo 1984/2012 (52.2%, OB, B7/’12, Hogshead, C#4050, tawny port finish, 283 Bts.)

Best Natural Casks: Glenury Royal 40yo 1970/2011 (59.4%, OB, 1500 Bts.)

Thumbs Up Award: Karuizawa ‘Noh’ 28yo 1983/2012 (57.2%, OB, C#7576, sherry butt, 571 Bts.)

Premium Category (whiskies are bottles in the range from €51 to €150)

Supreme Winner: Glenfarclas 1990/2011 (57%, OB The Family Casks for TSMC Taiwan, B12/12/’11, C#5098, 596 Bts.)

Best Sherried Whisky: Yamazaki ‘Sherry Cask’ (48%, OB, NAS, 2011*)

Best Peated Whisky: Elements of Islay ‘Pl1′ (60%, The Whisky Exchange, ‘Port Charlotte’)

Best Natural Casks: Glen Scotia 20yo 1991/2012 (44.2%, Wilson & Morgan Barrel Selection, C#1, sherry butt)

Thumbs Up Award: Laphroaig 1996/2012 (56.1%, Malts of Scotland, D6/’96 B9/’12, C#MoS 12041, sherry hogshead, 240 Bts.)

Daily Dram Category (are bottles with a typical price no higher than €50)

Supreme Winner: Aberlour ‘A’Bunadh Batch #39′ (59.8%, OB, NAS, Oloroso sherry butts, 2011*)

Best Sherried Whisky: Bushmills 16yo (40%, OB, Oloroso & bourbon, Port cask finish, 2012*)

Best Peated Whisky: Lagavulin 16yo (43%, OB, 2012*)

Best Natural Casks: Kilkerran ‘Work in Progress’ (46%, OB, NAS, 4th batch, 2012)

Thumbs Up Award: Peat Reek 13yo (61.5%, Blackadder Raw Cask, Hogshead, B6/’12, C#2012/1, 268 Bts., 2012)

The entire Score Card is available online, so check it out.

i tried a few of those (the Karuizawa, is brilliant indeed), as the Lagavulins , and the ever lovely Aberlour A’bunadh. So, I can understand they deserve a medal Winking smile

Congrats to the winners!

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