More Archives action :Clynelish 1997 & Glen Garioch 1990

Two more from the Indie Archives label brought to you by Whisky Base. This time two quite different whiskies From Clynelish and GG.

Let’s start with the younger Clynelish , This blog has not seen a lot of Clynelish action and it’s a good start for a new week:Clynelish 1997 Arc - WHISKYBASE

Clynelish 1997 Archives ,53.9 % , € 64.95

Nose: waxy lemony and a quite fresh. Green apple as in Granny Smith, and a slight cucumber note as well.

Palate: Cereal bowl with chocolate chips and lemon peel shreds. Malty and alcoholic. A bit metallic. Wee salt.

Finish : salted butter over burnt toast, with some lemon jam leftovers.

A very interesting dram, feels a bit young, and way to much lemon, if you like you whisky lemony, go ahead and get this one. it’s right up your alley.

Score: 84/100

Glen Garioch 21 yo 1990 54%, Archives 2012, hogshead #252,€ 69.95Glen Garioch 1990 Arc - WHISKYBASE

Nose: sweet , ginger, cloves honey. Plenty of wood spice. Old wood benches. Apple and pear.

Palate: enters smoke. Much more than felt in the nose, with hint of peat. Big palate, with the fruit and bitter wood. An alcohol bite, and some cereal and honey liquor.

Finish : Malt. Bitter coffee and a bit rough. Earthy.

A bit harsh and bitter, sort of a rough one, which makes it nice but not quite there for me. Not my cuppa.

Score: 81/100

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