A cracking Benrinnes 14 Single cask from MoM (or why do you need to think fast!)

Single casks come and go, and they are oh so limited. That’s their allure on the one hand, benrinnes-14-year-old-single-cask-master-of-malt-whiskyand that’s also the downer. If a cask is good, it flies of the shelves faster than lightning (literally).  That was exactly what happened with this wee 14 year old BenRinnes. I got the sample from MOM (Ta muchly!) the same day as the 2 springers I’ve written about yesterday, and thought I’d give it a go fast, since my mate Sjoerd, enjoyed it  so much, and I might like to pick a bottle. Happily I sat and poured this wee wonder into my Glencairn, and was blown away. it was Excellent, here’s what I thought of it:

Benrinnes 14 Year Old – Single Cask  (Master of Malt) , 57.80% , £55.95

Nose: rich and thick. Lots of sherry vanilla , sugared dried fruit. Like you put in English cake. Big sherry without getting too meaty. Wee balsamic and apple vinegar. Old wood cabinets.

Palate: whoosh! It’s powerful and not surprising when you notice it’s almost at 60% ABV. Starting with big sugared dried fruit. Lots of plums. Allspice. Chilly. Demerara sugar. Exotic fruit dipped in honey nectar. Caramel. Crème Catalan. Rich. Rich. Chocolate Bon-bons.

Finish : Chocolate with encapsulated cherries. Spice. Ginger.bitter almonds.

Delightful. Superb. Lovely. soothing. I wanted it badly. Hopped onto the MoM site, and only to see this evil message :


What?! how can this happen? I immediately twitted to Ben (@masterofmalt) is this a mistake?! but he just said: “time and single casks wait for no man my friend”. and he was right. It’s a bummer, but I am sure there will be more lovely single casks priced like that (55 quid it’s a steal!). so be quick. think fast, or regret it for eternity. (ok, I am a little over dramatic here)

many thanks for the chaps over at MoM for this little gem. you rock.

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