Whisky Base Archives Caol Ila 2000

one more single casks bottled for the “Archives” single casks collection by whisky base ,the younger brother of the 1982 vintage, I have yet to try but have heard great things about… let’s give this one a try, shall we?

Caol Ila 2000, 59.1 %, € 59.95 “Twin Peat”coalila_arvhices2000

so, a young CI, what can one expect? a lot of peat reek, smoke, punch. but wait, there is much more here…

Nose: Big peat. Young sweet sugars. Lemony and ashy. A bit farmy. Manure. BBQ on a sandy beach.

Palate: Yummy. Avalanche of peat , chilly. Smoke on second wave of flavors. Salty. Lemony.

Finish: Long smoky bacon. Lemon. Whiffs of smoke and bitter earthy peat that goes a long way… Until the very end.

Not ultra complex. But very enjoyable. Classic winter dram, and for lovers of peat, it’s a good option!

Score: 83/100

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