Tasting Isle of Arran Burn’s Malt

robbie_burnsLong time since I featured an Isle of Arran whisky , and it’s about time I tried a wee dram from that lovely distillery. I was very glad to get a wee sample ,this time a NAS Bottled under the Robert Burns label, this edition of the Arran Single Malt has
been  created by combining different ages.
The use of mainly American oak ex-Bourbon casks in maturation has accentuated
the sweet-fruity notes of Arran whilst a smaller proportion of ex-Sherry hogsheads
add depth and richness.  It’s nice to know that Isle of Arran Distillers are Patron of the
Robert Burns World Federation, and why not commemorate this with a dram?

Robert Burns Single Malt Whisky, 43% ABV, NASRobbie_btl

Nose: Gentle malt swirls with vanilla pods, granny smith apple peel, stewed peaches, pear drops and sugar icing all in a very summery , lots of fruit, and honey and sugar liquors.traces of lemongrass

Palate: Creamy vanilla, and malt, some wood spice, wee pepper, generally refreshing and sweet, with some stewed apple and  dough

Finish: Spicy wood, malty and a hint of summer fruit, and chocolate.

A very nice summer dram, not very complex, but very elegant, and easy drinking. I would enjoy a sip of it on a lazy summer evening (In scotland) or even an Autom Evening in Israel. Nice, fresh, crisp.

Not bad!

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