Milroy’s of Soho single casks Take II–Cooley & Zuidam Rye

Time for another go at some interesting single casks bottled by the guys at Milroy’s of Soho, London. This time with some quite unusual drams. The first one, we’re going to try is a single Grain Cooley (yes, Whiskey from Ireland). This one was distilled in 1991, and bottled at 46%, out of stock, it’s a bit on the pricey side at £300!! , but it’s a classic. My first EVER grain whisky from Cooley, and I was not expecting it to be that good!

Milroy’s of Soho Single Cask,46% ABV, Cooley Grain 1991milroys_cooley_grain

Nose: Classy stuff over here mind you! Very sweet with tons caramel goodness (the good caramel not the coloring material) , lots of sugar, wood, maple, creamy vanilla, some crème Catalan too. truly lovely.

Palate: Rich Caramel, lots of Vanilla, and the Crème Catalan from the nose, with some wood shavings, spices, Demerara sugars, and cinnamon, classy stuff.

Finish : Vanilla, maple, and crème brûlée.

A-class dram. magnificent

Score: 90/100

Milroy’s of Soho Single Cask Zuidam Dutch Rye ,46% , £45zuidam

Nose: Really a big nose! Orange , citrus, and a lot of fennel, earth, cumin, cloves, it’s like an Indian spice mix, very very aromatic, and enticing.

Palate: Spicy, peppery, a lot of cumin ad turmeric and fennel effect, then getting sweeter, with some cinnamon gum, some wood, and sort of fruit, i am not sure i can put mu finger on. very nice actually ending with a gingery tang.

Finish : Sweet. spicy, and citrusy. wicked!

This is wicked stuff, highly non conformist whisky, and 100% rye dutch style is very different. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but hey, it’s worth a try. different, and good!

Score: 86/100

Two very interesting drams, not something you would expect to find in your local whisky retailer and great in that respect. Nice ones keep it up guys.

Official samples provided by Milroy’s of Soho, London.

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