Tasting Amrut Peated

bangalore2AHow did I not post my notes about that Amrut until this day? No Idea. was meaning to, since i had tasted this one  along ago during a lovely Amrut Twitter Tasting which took place last year. So, better late than never as we say, here it is. In the meantime i did get a chance to review some newer Amruts but this one is the classic and one of the first to ever be released from Bangalore.amrut-peated-single-malt-whisky Interesting to see how this differs from my favourite “Fusion” which has some peated malt inside…

Amrut Peated, 46% , £34

Nose: Starts very classic with  malt , smoky bacon. Israeli BBQ Bisli snack. (if you are not an Israeli, better look here ) off to cinnamon, Earth. Wood and grape peel.

Palate:  The palate is a bit peppery with that  earthy peat from the nose making and entry here as well. after a few seconds it gets  dusty and Bitter with wood Cumin but also a bit sweet as in sugar,red Apple and cereals.

Finish : Getting very earthy. Peat and Bitter wood, with the fruitiness almost gone.

This is a Rugged and Classic peated malt, if handed blindfold i would have guessed a peated Speysider or highlander  (Benriach,Benromach etc) , with the cereal and fruit as well as the earthy dusty peaty feeling to it. Not bad!

There is a CS version to this one It’s on my list to try and compare.

Score: 84/100

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