Tasting Grant’s Stand Fast (Recreated 2012)


This whisky is indeed a special one. A blend but a very unusual blend with a real nice story behind it. If you want the full Monty have a look here, or here, and even here. If you are lazy or don’t feel like a long reading here’s the essence in short:

Earlier this year Paul Kendall, archivist of the Grant’s family, discovered a book which contained the recipe of Grant’s Stand Fast, written down on 11th of June 1912. To celebrate this 100 years old recipe, current Master Blender Brian Kinsman re-created it and bottled 100 bottles, all to be stored for future reference, and not to be on sale.


Photo : Official Grant’s Blog

The actual blending took place in June this year, and sadly I was not able to participate (lucky UK bloggers!) , but with the help of Ludo, Brand amnassador at Grant’s and a jolly good fella,  I was able to taste a wee sample of this special whisky a few weeks ago (thank you mate!).


The Blending session (Photo : Official Grant’s Blog)

A true unique whisky:


Grant’s Stand Fast , 40 % ABV , 100 bottles , not for sale.

Nose: Really nice stuff. Starting with very Elegant malt , sweet dough a wee note of smoke nuts and marzipan.then continuing with some fruit: pears and  grapes. Feels very unique, not a common style of blending, maybe due to the old recipe.

Palate: A bit sharp of entry , then getting fruitier and maltier. Spice, pepper and fruit with a dash of smoke. Really a wee hint. Ginger powder too.

Finish : Medium length. Chocolate. Cocoa and wood.

This is a lovely dram all over, but the nose is what made it for me. It’s super interesting, subtle yet not lacking power even at 40%. A piece of history remade. Wow.

Many thanks to Ludo for the official sample, and the chance of sampling this once in a life time dram.

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