Whisky Bible 2013 is released. Let the hoo-ha begin…

bible2013It’s October again, and time for the yearly release of JM’s (in)famous whisky bible. While very controversial (and not liked by a lot of whisky geek and lovers) It can not be ignored since it’s one of the best selling whisky books yearly, and maybe the most expansive reference books dealing with whisky. A few year’s ago I bought the books but as time goes by I find JM’s selections sometime a bit odd, and not in sync with my individual taste, so I prefer not to use this book as a guide or reference, but it’s me, and I know people who swear by it.

Ok, after last year’s Old Pulteney 21 winning the #1 World whisky, this year it seems Jim chose another controversial choice for #1, #2 whiskies, (or rather Whiskeys). World whisky of this year is the lovely Thomas H Handy Sazerac 2011, 128.6 proof . I really liked this whisky when tasted it, But is this the BEST whisky out there? among all scotch, Irish, American and world whiskies? really?

As for #2, William Larue Weller –  It was also a favourite of mine when talking American Whiskey, and I rated it even higher back then (again 2010 release) at 95/100

I guess selling whisky books when you have a controversial selection as #1 is easier, isn’t it Jim? That said, I still regard this one as an excellent whisky. no doubt. If you remember I tasted the 2010 version of it (part of the bottle share by Sjoerd) and gave it a 90/100 mark, and loved it. But world best whisky? You decide.

The rest of the bunch are:

2013 World Whisky of the Year
Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Rye (128.6 proof)

Second Finest Whisky in the World
William Larue Weller (133.5 proof)

Third Finest World Whisky in the World
Ballantine’s 17 Years Old


Scotch Whisky of the Year
Ballantine’s 17 Years Old

Single Malt of the Year (Multiple Casks)
Ardbeg Day

Single Malt of the Year (Single Cask)
Balblair 1965

Best Scotch New Brand
Dewar House Experimental Age 17 Years

Scotch Blend of the Year
Ballantine’s 17 Years Old

Scotch Grain of the Year
SMWS G5.3 Aged 18 Years (Invergordon)

Scotch Vatted Malt of the Year
The Last Vatted Malt

Single Malt Scotch

No Age Statement (Multiple Casks)

Ardbeg Day

No Age Statement (Runner Up)

Aberlour a’bunadh Batch No. 33

10 Years & Under (Multiple Casks)

Glen Grant Aged 10 Years

10 Years & Under (Single Cask)

SWMS 33.116 Aged 8 Years (Ardbeg)

11-15 Years (Multiple Casks)

Lagavulin 12 Years Old Special Release

11-15 Years (Single Cask)

Berry’s Own Selection Macduff 2000

16-21 Years (Multiple Casks)

Old Pulteney Aged 17 Years

16-21 Years (Single Cask)

Old Masters Strathmill 21 Years Old

22-27 Years (Multiple Casks)

Highland Park Aged 25 Years

22-27 Years (Single Cask)

Macallan Masters Of Photography 1989

28-34 Years (Multiple Casks)

Benromach 30 Years Old

28-34 Years (Single Cask)

The Whisky Agency Caol Ila 33 Years Old

35-40 Years (Multiple Casks)

The Balvenie Aged 40 Years Batch 2

35-40 Years (Single Cask)

Berry’s Own Selection Glen Grant 1974

41 Years & Over (Multiple Casks)

Highland Park 50 Years Old

41 Years & Over (Single Cask)

Balblair 1965

Blended Scotch

No Age Statement (Standard)

Ballantine’s Finest

No Age Statement (Premium)

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Casks Edition

5-12 Years

Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 Years Old

13-18 Years

Ballantine’s 17 Years Old

19 – 25 Years

Teacher’s Aged 25 Years

26 – 50 Years

The Last Drop 50 Years Old


Irish Whiskey of the Year

Redbreast Aged 12 Years Cask Strength

Irish Pot Still Whiskey of the Year

Redbreast Aged 12 Years Cask Strength

Irish Single Malt of the Year

Bushmills Aged 21 Years

Irish Blend of the Year


Irish Single Cask of the Year

The Tyrconnell Single Cask 11 Year Old


Bourbon of the Year

William Larue Weller (133.5 proof)

Rye of the Year

Thomas H. Handy Sazerac (128.6 proof)

US Micro Whisky of the Year

Balcones Brimstone

US Micro Whisky of the Year (Runner Up)

Woodstone Microspirit 5 Grain No. 3


No Age Statement (Multiple Barrels)

William Larue Weller (133.5 proof)

No Age Statement (Single Barrel)

Four Roses 16 Years Old Single Barrel 78-3B

9 Years & Under

Ridgemont Reserve 1792 Aged 8 Years

10-17 Years (Multiple Barrels)

Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch 2011 Barrel Strength

10-17 Years (Single Barrel)

Willett Family Estate Bottled 14 Years Old

18 Years & Over (Multiple Barrels)

Evan Williams 23 Years Old

Rye No Age Statement

Thomas Handy Sazerac (128.6 proof)

11 Years & Over

Sazerac Kentucky Straight Rye 18 Years Old


Canadian Whisky of the Year

Masterson’s 10 Year Old Straight Rye


Japanese Whisky of the Year

Hanyu Final Vintage 2000


European Whisky of the Year (Multiple)

Penderyn Portwood Swansea City Special

European Whisky of the Year (Single)

Hicks & Healey Cornish Whiskey 2004


Southern Hemisphere Whisky of the Year

Sullivans Cove Single Cask HH0509

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5 thoughts on “Whisky Bible 2013 is released. Let the hoo-ha begin…

    1. agreed, he’s a talented writer and I respect him for that, it’s only his rating system and choices i find bizarre. same here, his taste is not in sync with mine, but who am i to say anything? I am a “mere” blogger. 😉

  1. Those choices are all over the map. I 100% disagree with the Ballantine’s 17 (perfectly decent as it is). But there are some incredible whiskies on that list. Any such list is bound to be a bit arbitrary. Anyway. The bigger issue, in my opinion, is score inflation and the possibility of that inflation’s use by marketers having something to do with the popularity of the books.

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