SMWS 93.50–Glen Scotia 20yo–“Hot embers at the gate of hell”

glenscotia1Another SMWS bottling this time from the Region of Campbletown which once was one of the biggest whisky regions and is now reduced to only 3 operating distilleries (Springbank, Kilkerran and G.Scotia). I’ve tasted a few GS’s in recent months (Indie bottling by Kintra of NL and another 19 year old I’ve yet to review, and will do soon). I quite like the smoky, but very unusual profile of those, which differ quite a bit from any other from the region. What i came to notice is that some Glen Scotias are amazing, and some are best described as “funky”. Let’s hope this one is a good one.

SMWS Glen Scotia 20yo , 93.50 ‘Hot embers at the gates of hell’, 58.6%, Refill Hogshead

Nose: The nose is really spicy, with chilly and hot chilly that is… Sweet and burnt wood. Cinnamon. Anise. Wood smoke. Pepper. Candied ginger. Vanilla. A funky nose!! Yes, this is one of the funkiest whiskies I’ve had in a while. It’s not bad, just a lot going on. I guess the gates of hell are like that…

Palate: Peppery mother of god! Spicy entry. Mega pepper. Lots of wood smoke. Coal embers. Salt. Vanilla custard. Raisins.

Finish: Spicy with pepper and wood smoke.Medium.

This one is funky all over, nose is complex, but non-standard, the palate is nice but very spicy, and is less complex than the nose. A very weird profile, but not a bad one at all. This is like a weird experiment that came out nicely, and the whole is better than the sum of its parts. Can i recommend this wholeheartedly? I do not think so, It’s not one of the better SMWS I’ve tried, but it’s indeed something i would suggest you try if you can get a sample. A whole bottle of this? Probably not, for me at least. I’ll give it a few more points for originality, though.

Score: 83/100

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