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Tasting Bowmore 100 Degrees Proof

bowmore-logoOriginally produced for the Travel Retail market (duty free shops) this is a cask strength NCF Bowmore NAS, and comes in a 1 Litre bottle. I’m not a Huge Bowmore fan but I do think they are really trying to make better whiskies in recent 1-2 years, and we definitely can see a change there, which is great news for Islay fans and Bowmore fans in particular. for those wondering about 100 proof being 57% ABV and not 50%, it’s a thing that often confuse people, but UK proof and US proof differ, and 100 proof UK wise means 57%, while in the US 100 Proof is 50%. Now back to reality from whisky geekery world. This sample was sent to me by a good whisky friend (Phil) who was kind enough to send this in addition to a few samples he collected for me in London from Milroy’s. (more about that in the coming weeks).

Bowmore 100 Degrees Proof , 57.10%,£79bowmore-100-degrees-proof-cask-strength-whisky

Nose: Starting with big briny notes, Very maritime then the expected peat reek, with some  tarry ropes. Kerosene With sweet undertones. Golden syrup. Malt. Honey. Yumm. Very nice and i like how the peaty and briny notes work well with the honey and cereal. The nose is fairly gentle considering the 100 proof.
Palate: Bigger. Peat smoke with sweet bacon, Vanilla ,honey and big malt. Peppery spicy and Peaty too. A delight.
Finish : smoke. Sweet malt. Peat. Honey.

A really good whisky, i was very surprised. The peat reek and smoke with all that seaside really works well above the sweeter layer of golden syrup malt and honey. NAS but doesn’t feel very young, not plasticy and rubbery at all. Way to go Bowmore. You can get that one for cheaper if you pass through the duty free, and if you don’t Master of Malt has some too, i suppose other online merchants will also stock this.

Score: 86/100

Thanks go to Phil for sharing this with me.

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