Ardbeg Day–Let’s go!

runnersAre you ready for some Ardbeg day action? June 2nd is the official International Ardbeg day (and is also the birth day of my eldest Raviv who will be 5! – how time flies). This week also marks Feis Ile, the Islay festival of malt and whisky, where Islay ad peat lovers unite, and head to the island for a week of fun fun fun and a lot of whisky at the 8 distilleries on the Island.arbegDAY

Ardbeg has outdone itself, and declared June 2nd as a day to celebrate the distillery and it’s whisky worldwide. Worldwide Ardbeg has set up many “embassies” where people can come in, taste the special version called “Ardbeg Day” and get a bottle of this very special release. Sadly Israel is not yet on the Ardbeg world map (hint hint), but whether you are based in the USA, EU, Australia, Taiwan or on Islay, you have a chance to take part in the festivities.

The theme Ardbeg chose for the day is Islay-lympics, and activities in the distillery will include Sheep tossing, bog snorkeling etc..

For you worldwide Ardbeg fans, and committee members, there will be a very cool treasure hunt game (check out the Ardbeg day site for more details soon). Whisky Israel is proud to be a part of this hunt, and just for you here’s a wee sports card if you want to hunt them all down, and win super cool prizes.

Just click on the image of the card, to download it, and collect it.


Fellow Ardbegians, Rejoice!


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