Whisky iPhone App review#1 : Malt Whisky

1337852052In addition to being a whisky geek, i am an iPhone geek too, and love my iPhone, and pretty much rely on it for almost everything. One aspect is of course my whisky collection,whisky info and more. In the next few weeks I will try reviewing a few iPhone whisky apps, that were created to make the life of the whisky lover easier and more fun.

The first application i will review is the called “Malt Whisky”. It was created by

John Blackburn and a new version (1.3.1) is now available on the app store.

This application basically enables you to keep track of your whisky collection, and wish list, in addition to supplying some information about distilleries ,whisky regions and expressions from each distillery.

The start screen is quite simple with only a few options, and a quick access to your Collection and Wish list:

photo 4

you may then browse by distilleries and get a short history of the distillery and some information about it, including  pronunciation , regional info and phone and address information should you wish to contact it. There are also photos of the distillery.

photo 2

If you wish to browse Regions , you will be presented of the list of regions with some information about each, a map, and if you click on the region on the map, a Google maps window will open with pins to mark each distillery. very nice.

The single malts windows lets you select a malt and drill down to the list of available bottling (most are OB, but some IB also). then you can go and add this bottle to either your wish list or your collection :

photo 3

some useful information regarding size price and quantity. but only basic tasting notes as free text, and no place for rating.

photo 2

All in all this is a nice application, but it’s quite limited.


Malt Whisky , $4.99 , available at the app store.


  • not expensive
  • Easy to use
  • Some useful information on Scotch distilleries
  • Easy management of collection and wish list


  • Lack of images of bottles (will be added in future version)
  • Missing non Scotch distilleries
  • Only minimal tasting note tools
  • No rating mechanism
  • No export mechanism

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3 thoughts on “Whisky iPhone App review#1 : Malt Whisky

  1. Nice one Gal. I just picked up an iPad so have been considering doing this myself. I’ll leave it in your capable hands, and look forward to your most highly rated app – I’ll get that one!

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