Springbank Rundlets and Kilderkins

It’s not everyday that Springbank releases a new expression and this one has also a unique

name , unlike most other springers who have only a vintage or a year indication. As it seems Rundlets and Kilderkins are two different measuring units for liquids , which were used in olden days. The Springbank site also tells the tale of a lady caught smuggling in Campbeltown which was a  smuggling center during the 17th and the 18th centuries : she was brought in front of the sheriff, and was found guilty. before passing her sentence the Sheriff remarked that he supposed she had not often been found guilty of this crime  – to which she replied that she hadn’t made a drop since the last Rundlet she had made for him!!

Back to 2012. Released at 49.4% ABV and Non chill filtered, no coloring added, this one was matured in smaller casks (80 and 60 liter) which should change the flavor profile and mature the whisky in a shorter time (more surface area). Ok, enough talk, off to taste this one.

Springbank  Rundlets & Kilderkins ,10 Years Old , 49.4% abv , 9,000 btl  , £57springbank-rundlets-and-kilderkins

Nose: brine, toasted oak, vanilla and chocolate. lots of toffee but with a lemony tang. Fresh as well. It’s very much like having ‘Werthers  Original’ candy on the beach.

Palate: Bam! What an entry sweet Cocoa. Brine, peat. Creamy. Lots of toffee candy engulfed with chocolate

Finish : Creamy, chocolate covered fudge.

All in all an excellent whisky, from Springbank, quite different than the other versions in the same age, sweeter, and much more chocolaty and toffee, but without giving away the briny salty notes we so like in our Springbanks. Feels much older than it’s 10 years of age. I love it. true greatness in a bottle. Keep it coming!

Score: 91/100

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