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Two new whisky clubs and one new AnCnoc. The whisky world does not rest…

JSMWS is launched


It’s true I am Jewish, but not very religious, I do not keep kosher, and I am not really devout (In other words, I don’t do much,but only the fun stuff), but there is always a warm corner in my heart for Jewish related issues, and this one definitely requires a mention. You probably know Josh Hatton and Jason J.Y who are both whisky bloggers (and friends) based in the US, each with a blog of his own. They both teamed up and created a new whisky club named after Josh’s whisky club, The Jewish Single Malt Whisky Society (or JSMWS for short) , which starting this month is a membership club, which will act as an independent bottler, keeping an eye on Kosher casks, and trying to satisfy the Jewish and the non Jewish alike.  You do not have to be Jewish to join (Jason is not Jewish, but is married to a Jew) , you only have to like whisky!  Currently they are offering 3 different memberships plans ($180, $480 and $960) which entitle you to some single cask bottling available later this year, and other JSMWS merchandise.  I do wish Josh and Jason a lot of luck with their new endeavor. מזל טוב!

The W Club


Another whisky club is taking shape this month, and also requires some attention the W club. This club is  backed by the Whisky Shop, UK’s biggest retail chain when whisky is concerned, and edited by Dominique Roskrow (who needs little introduction) . The new club will offer its members an option to buy limited edition bottling and offers two plans, one for

£12.50 and one for £25 which also includes two books and a miniature. Again, membership is open to everyone, and not only UK residents. The first limited release for members is a young Glenfarclas, which looks very interesting.

alan 9981

AnCnoc Release a new Vintage – 1998

And to finish this round a new Expression from the AnCnoc just released, and looking very promising. As vintages colors change, this one is Green. This whisky was distilled in 1998 and matured in a combination of Bourbon and Sherry casks, bottled at 46% , NCF, and natural color. A very limited edition (and this time for real, with only 5,100 bottles) to be sold in selected markets only (UK, and a few European countries as well as Japan). As for the price, it’s still not clear, but as soon as more details are released, we’ll update. Watch this space for more details and tasting notes later next week.



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